Panel glides are ideal enhancements for sliding doors or the spacious windows of today’s home designs. They provide sufficient light control and privacy, but they operate a bit different in comparison to vertical and other types of blinds. The panel glides travel on channels with the help of an operating wand. There are no cords for young children to become tangled in, which negates the need for safety devices. Motorisation of panel glides is also possible upon request. The panels stack behind each other when these blinds are open. As you close them, the fabric forms a continuous display that filters light and provides privacy.

The Main Advantages of Installing Panel Glides

• Ease of use is the most obvious advantage to these blinds. The mechanism that controls them slides easily to open and close the panels. Both children and adults can operate these blinds without problems.

• Since the panels open from the side, they are out of the way when someone wants to enter through the patio door if this is where you decide to install the panel glides.

• You also can use these blinds on the large windows that are in the environmentally friendly homes today. Not all window treatments are as easy to install on this size of windows as the panel glides are to install and to use for that fact.

• Along with sliding glass doors, you can enhance your full-window, hinged doors and even French doors with these blinds if you so choose to use this option.

• You can select from a wide variety of colours and fabrics to ensure that these blinds complement the rest of your décor in the appropriate fashion. In addition, block materials are available in case you need to prevent 100 percent of the sunlight from flowing into your house.

• The panels are removable in case you wish to have different fabrics and colours for the various seasons of the year.

• Panel glides provide an elegant and contemporary look to your windows or glass doors.

• These blinds also are a cost-effective window treatment since they are durable and long lasting.

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