Why Your Curtains Must Be Customised for Your Windows

Today, windows come in so many shapes, sizes and configurations that it is difficult if not impossible to buy standard, off-the-shelf ones to adorn them in an attractive, functional fashion. Stock curtains wind up being too short, narrow, and/or poorly made for your purposes. Ignore this option for you will be sadly disappointed with it. Instead, you should choose custom curtains to fulfil your needs. We are here to explain in the following details why your curtains must be customised to adorn your windows in a quality manner.

Fabrics and Workmanship Are High-Quality to Ensure Durability

With custom curtains, you will receive only quality workmanship and fabrics to ensure that they will last for years. As a result, you will realise a high return on your investment. Whatever additional cost may be involved in special ordering your curtains will pay off since you will not need to replace them as often as you would with stock curtains.

You Can Select from a Wider Assortment of Fabrics

Another benefit of customising your curtains is the fact that you can choose from a wider assortment of fabric materials, colours and/or patterns than you have with stock options. You can add your own unique personality to this window enhancement by selecting what you prefer instead of settling for what is available on the shelf. Also, you can accessorise in any manner that you wish from tie backs to headers.

The Width and Length of Custom Curtains Is According to Your Specifications

Stock options in curtains are made to only standard widths and lengths for traditional window dimensions. The problem is that today’s window sizes are often unique instead of commonplace. If your windows are the latter, you definitely must order customised curtains since stock ones will not suit your purposes. Custom-made curtains are designed and manufactured according to your specific measurements.

Tracking and Motorisation Are Viable Options for Custom Curtains

When you turn to special ordering curtains according to your preferences and needs, you may be able to add tracking and/or motorisation depending upon the design of your windows and room. These features help you control the curtains in an easy and a functional way.

For further facts about why your curtains should be customised for your windows, consult with Millenium Blinds. We offer a vast array of choices for custom curtains as well as blinds and shutters for your consideration. Our company will design, manufacture and install them in a quality, durable manner. The goal of Millenium Blinds is to offer the ideal window treatments according to your preferences and specifications.


Qualities that Make Roman Blinds a Good Choice for Bedroom Windows

Roman Blinds are a good choice for any room of your home, and especially as window treatments in the bedrooms of your home. These blinds are available in a wide array of stylish and appealing fabrics, colors and patterns to suit adults, teens and young children of all ages and theme preferences. Whether drawn up to admit light or drawn down to darken the room, they look attractive and fashionable, enhancing the room’s decor and ambiance. By inserting a colorful batten made of timber along each fabric fold or your blinds, you can transform them into Beach Blinds as well. Most suppliers of these versatile, attractive, effective window dressings also offer customized blinds to suit your specific stylistic preferences and practical needs in modern window coverings.

Specific Qualities of Roman Blinds that Make Them Ideal for Bedroom Window Treatments

Particular qualities and features of Roman Blinds that make them an excellent choice for use as bedroom window treatments include the following:

• Light Blockout or Filtering. – These useful blinds can block or filter exterior light at your bedroom windows, keeping rooms dark or lit with very subdued light from outdoors whenever a member of your household needs to sleep during daylight hours. These blinds are quite helpful to city dwellers who live on streets that are well-lit throughout the night and early morning hours, blocking the glare of street lamps and brightly lit signage from entering your sleeping environment while you rest peacefully.

• Heat Reduction in Summer. – These blinds are made of materials that can reduce the amounts of heat that enter your bedroom windows during the sweltering days of summer. Even with regular use of central home cooling systems or air conditioning units with windows tightly closed, rays of strong sunlight can still heat the glass panes of your windows, warming your bedroom interiors. However, with these protective, heating-controlling window blinds in place, the rooms will stay pleasantly cool and soothing, enabling you or your children to get good sleep during the day, as needed.

• Heat Retention in Winter. – These versatile Roman Blinds also have the capacity to retain heat during the icy cold days of winter. Your heating bills will not escalate, even over a lengthy stretch of very cold weather, thanks to the effective heat-preservation features of this type of window blinds. Your bedrooms will stay as warm and cozy as you like with these attractive window treatments at the windows so you will never need to worry about room temperatures plummeting during the night, especially in the nursery or bedrooms where your young children sleep.

When you engage the professional services of Millenium Blinds located in Milperra, NSW, you will receive excellent advice and guidance in choosing the ideal style, colors and patterns for effective Roman Blinds to shield and enhance the windows of your home’s bedrooms. These highly attractive, creative yet practical window coverings will regulate your room temperatures for ideal sleeping conditions during all seasons and varieties of weather throughout the entire year while lowering both heating and cooling costs for your home.

Panel Glides

What are the Benefits of Panel Glides?

Panel glides are ideal enhancements for sliding doors or the spacious windows of today’s home designs. They provide sufficient light control and privacy, but they operate a bit different in comparison to vertical and other types of blinds. The panel glides travel on channels with the help of an operating wand. There are no cords for young children to become tangled in, which negates the need for safety devices. Motorisation of panel glides is also possible upon request. The panels stack behind each other when these blinds are open. As you close them, the fabric forms a continuous display that filters light and provides privacy.

The Main Advantages of Installing Panel Glides

• Ease of use is the most obvious advantage to these blinds. The mechanism that controls them slides easily to open and close the panels. Both children and adults can operate these blinds without problems.

• Since the panels open from the side, they are out of the way when someone wants to enter through the patio door if this is where you decide to install the panel glides.

• You also can use these blinds on the large windows that are in the environmentally friendly homes today. Not all window treatments are as easy to install on this size of windows as the panel glides are to install and to use for that fact.

• Along with sliding glass doors, you can enhance your full-window, hinged doors and even French doors with these blinds if you so choose to use this option.

• You can select from a wide variety of colours and fabrics to ensure that these blinds complement the rest of your décor in the appropriate fashion. In addition, block materials are available in case you need to prevent 100 percent of the sunlight from flowing into your house.

• The panels are removable in case you wish to have different fabrics and colours for the various seasons of the year.

• Panel glides provide an elegant and contemporary look to your windows or glass doors.

• These blinds also are a cost-effective window treatment since they are durable and long lasting.

For further facts about the benefits of panel glides, contact Millenium Blinds or browse through our website. We specialise in these and other styles of blinds as well as shutters and curtains. When you deal with our company, you receive high-quality products and workmanship since we have 20 years of experience in this field. Our company also delivers excellent customer service and follow-up care once you purchase your chosen window treatment from us.


Top Things to Consider Before Buying Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can enhance any room in your home while admitting just the desired amount of natural light through your windows or glass doors. They are easy to adjust for all members of your household, and they provide a wide selection of attractive yet practical window dressings to complete each room’s interior decor. Available in varied types of natural timber, sturdy Thermopoly and poly-resin materials, these highly attractive and functional shutters can be the ideal choice for ensuring quality natural lighting control for your home interiors.

They will provide you with long-lasting beauty and style as appealing and stable window treatments while offering you the option of enjoying bright, enlivening beams of sunlight or softer, subtle and more subdued natural lighting through your home’s windows and glass doors. Whether you purchase ready-made or customised plantation shutters for improving your home’s interior decor, these handsome window dressings are sure to add just the right combination of elegant style and useful practicality to every room.

Major Aspects to Consider Before You Purchase Plantation Shutters for Your Home Interiors

Top aspects and qualities of plantation shutters that you should consider before installing them in the rooms of your home include the following:

• Light and Heat Control. – Timber plantation shutters are an excellent choice for adding beauty and character to the rooms of your home. These attractive window dressings not only provide quality regulation of natural light from outside during all hours of the day, but they also offer top caliber insulation. With timber shutters of your favorite woods at your windows, your home will stay pleasantly cool during hot summer days and well-warmed throughout the cold winter months.

• Moisture Regulation. – Thermopoly shutters are another popular variety. These Thermo25 shutters ensure excellent moisture protection, which makes them the ideal choice for areas of your home with high levels of moisture in the air. Whether you select these stylish, appealing window treatments for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry and other utility areas, these moisture-resistant shutters with their sleek, sophisticated finishes will add fashion and flair to your rooms while providing lasting functionality as strong, easy-to-adjust window treatments.

• Durability and Surface Precision. – You may prefer Ultra 20 shutters. These elegant, durable polyresin shutters with their precision designed and finished surfaces offer long-term use while enhancing your home decor with the look of fine-quality wood hues and grains as attractive window and glass door treatments. They are also moisture and warp-resistant, making them the perfect choice for every room of your home.

By consulting the experts at Millenium Blinds serving Sydney and surrounding regions, you will benefit from fine professional advice and installation of the plantation shutters of your choice to enhance your home decor with vibrant new elegance and stylish functionality. With these innovative, attractive and durable shutter designs as window and glass door treatments throughout your house, you will enjoy the added style, improved light and heat control and the fine caliber design features and fashionable surface finishes they offer. All plantation shutters provided by this top-tier company are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly products for safe, energy-efficient use throughout your home environment.

Blinds Curtains Shutters

Shutters, Blinds and Curtains: Selecting Designs and Privacy for Your Home!

You could live in the nicest house, with the most well designed windows, and you won’t look that great unless you dress them correctly. Selecting the proper window dressings for your house is as important as having the windows to begin with. Today we are going to walk you through selecting the right shutters, curtains, and blinds for your needs. We’ll break them down by style and function so that you can make an educated decision.

Shutters, Blinds & Curtains – The Right Coverage for Your Window

The most common kinds of window covers are broken down in the categories we listed above: blinds, shutters and curtains. These are three very distinctive types of coverings that each supply their own benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the different styles of each.


Window shutters are a popular choice for people who want something a little more unique to look at in their home. Shutters can be custom made to fit any type of window and they can be customised to allow you to control light, sound, and privacy levels. Shutters come in the three primary varieties that we listed below.

1. Plantation Shutters
2. Aluminium Shutters
3 Privacy Screens


Blinds are a much more common type of window covering because they are cheaper and easier to install. Blinds help you to control the light flow into your room which means that you can have ultimate control over your privacy and indoor atmosphere and environment. Blinds can help you improve your health by reducing eye strain caused by sunlight in your room. The three primary types of blinds are listed below.

1. Venetian Blinds
2. Vertical Blinds
3. Roman Blinds
4. Roller Blinds


Finally we have the most common type of window covering, curtains. Curtains are by far the most common type of window covering used by people. The reason? They are affordable, flexible, and easy to install. Curtains allow you to control the temperature of your room, control the influx of light, and minimise the effect of dust particles floating around. Curtains don’t come in any distinctive style because they are so flexible, so just go out and pick the kind that you want! The primary dividing factor for curtains is the choice of fabric that you decide to employ:

1. Plain
2. Natural
3. Neutral
4. Colour Fabric

Curtains come in all shapes, sizes, lengths, and thickness. From floor length translucent gowns to custom fit black out blinds, there is an option and a style that fits your needs.


How Window Blinds Add To Your Home’s Cozy Interior Beauty and Appeal

Designing the interior of your home can be a ton of fun while also being productive. From wall hangings to the kind of furniture you put in a room, every choice combines to make your house more than a house — they make it your home. Today we are going to look to a oft-overlooked area of house decoration: window blinds. Window blinds can be selected to carefully enhance the look and feel of your home. From functionality to coziness, let’s dig into the value of a great set of window blinds.

Value of Window Blinds

Now, you might be thinking that a discussion revolving around window blinds doesn’t need to be very deep — but it does! Window blinds aren’t just a little part of your home, they are a companion piece that help to define your living area while simultaneously making your life more comfortable. Your window blinds actually, surprisingly, have a wealth of benefits. Here are a few of the biggest reasons to add window blinds to your home.

1. Light Control – Whether you opt for Venetian Blinds or Roman Blinds, you are going to benefit immensely due to your ability to control the light that enters your home. Window blinds allow you to completely cover your window and block out the majority of light leakage. This is incredibly valuable to having a more cosy home.

2. Privacy
 – When you block out light, you also block out prying eyes. There are different styles of blinds that you can get which allow for you to maximise your window coverage. Keep your privacy private and your home comfortable.

3. Maintenance
 – While there isn’t much maintenance for blinds, it is still something you have to keep track of. Having to spend a day washing and drying curtains is not our idea of fun. Now compare the act of simply wiping a dust-clothe down the body of your blinds. Easy enough, right?

4. Materials – Window blinds can come in all different kinds of materials, thus allowing you to customise your home even more. From wooden blinds to bamboo blinds there is an option for everyone.

Styles of Blinds

Now that you know a few of the perks relating to owning blinds, we can start guiding you toward making a selection! Blinds come in a variety of different styles that change in both function and fashion. Here’s a quick list of blinds styles:

1. Roman Blinds
2. Panel Blinds
3. Vertical Blinds
4. Venetian Blinds
5. Roller Blinds

No matter what style you end up going with, your home will improve in both comfort and customisation.


Complementing Rooms with Window Blinds

One of the most popular types of window dressings across Australia today is fashionable yet practical window blinds. Blinds are available in many varied materials, colours, textures and sizes. They can be customised to meet your specific preferences and requirements. Blinds are durable and offer such advantages as sunscreen and sun filtering protection. With easy-to-manage blinds at your home or office windows, you can always regulate the amount of daylight that enters your rooms through the windows. Blinds are easy to clean and maintain, and if handled carefully and operated according to directions, they should last indefinitely, providing a protective light shield at your windows while adding complementary elements of decor to your overall home or office interior design plan.

Enhancing Your Home or Commercial Rooms with Use of Attractive Window Blinds

The most frequently purchased types of window blinds today include the following varieties:

• Roller Blinds. – Roller, or Holland, Blinds have a streamlined, updated appearance and block both excess sunlight and heat from entering your rooms via the windows. Operating on a roller or spring mechanism, these blinds are easily pulled down into place. It is equally easy to roll them out of sight when not needed to shield your windows from light and heat. These window dressings can be customised to fit the dimensions of any size of window, and they can be motorised at your request, for your convenience.

• Vertical Blinds. – These blinds are a popular model due to their practical operation and very reasonable pricing today. With vertically positioned slats, these attractive window treatments effectively control levels of light and heat entrance into your rooms from the windows. These blinds are sturdy, but sleek and visually appealing. They are also easy to clean and maintain. These window dressings can be customised to the correct size needed to fit your windows exactly. You can purchase these blinds in plain surface or patterned styles, and they offer simple operation by a wand control or a chain.

• Panel Glides.
 – Panel Glides, sold in numerous different fabrics, colours and textures, give a trim, neat appearance when covering a large window or a sliding track-mounted door. These flat fabric panels slide across the window with the aid of a carrier running on a track. These versatile window dressings can also be useful as room dividers, and each panel can even substitute for a home theatre screen. They are operated by a chord regulating system or hand-held wand.

By contacting Millenium Blinds, located in Milperra, NSW, and serving the entire Sydney area, you will benefit from excellent advice concerning ideal selections to satisfy your current window furnishing needs. This fine company is prepared to answer all your questions, guiding you to making the very best window blind choices to suit and complement the decor of all the rooms in your home or office.


Sheer Curtain Ideas that Work for Living Rooms

At top quality window treatment companies, you will find the ideal sheer curtain fabrics and styles to complement and enhance your living room decor. The fabric that you select for your windows will depend on various aspects such as room size and window type, size and shape. You will also want to coordinate your curtain fabric colour, pattern or texture with the other elements of decor in the room’s design. Sheer silk or linen lends a quiet yet definite sense of elegance to floor-to-ceiling windows in a living room decorated in ornate fabrics and heavily patterned rugs, while translucent linen or cotton weaves in colorful patterns can brighten and enliven decor that features neutral coloration, muted hues or single-color furniture and accessories.

Sheer Curtain Ideas that Work for Living Room Decor

A variety of sheer curtain ideas work well for effective and stylish living room decor, including the following:

• Sheer Silk with Light Appliqué. – Sheer silk curtains with light cotton or rayon appliqué in free-form or geometric designs add simple vitality and charm to your living room’s interior design. While the appliqué lends dimension, texture and character, the silk maintains a sense of cool background ambiance in support of the room’s dominant furnishings’ designs, colours and patterns.

• Modern Linen Lattice Design with Silk Underlay. – A see-through linen lattice design with a soft silk underlay for curtains can lend elegance and a pleasing sense of openness to a room furnished with dynamic, attention-claiming furniture pieces or art works. Window treatments of this type can quietly, unobtrusively alter the viewer’s perception of a room’s size and shape, often making the space seem to expand while emphasizing and enhancing certain dominant decor elements.

• Sheer Cotton Gauze Fabric in Soft Golden Tones. – When you choose living room curtains of sheer cotton gauze in soft tones of gold, any size window will glow with reflected exterior light, brightening the entire interior of your room. Even in gloomy weather, the least bit of light from outside your window will brighten your living space and highlight the colours and textures of your furniture, rugs and accessories.

By consulting the window treatment experts at Millenium Blinds in Milperra, NSW, you will benefit from top-tier advice and guidance in selecting the ideal curtains to enhance your living room decor. With their expertise, you will be prepared to choose the best sheer curtain fabrics and styles in colors and textures that complement all other aspects of your room’s interior design. Especially since you and all other members of your household spend many hours in this major room of your home, it’s decor, including the window curtains, should provide you with the calm neutral or vibrant, colorful ambiance and allure that meets your usual preferences and needs or occasional fancies and whims.